Recorded Video: Introduction to DIANA and its capabilities

Recorded Video: Introduction to DIANA and its capabilities

DIANA (acronym DIsplacement ANAlyser) is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver developed and distributed by DIANA FEA BV (previously TNO DIANA BV) and several other resellers worldwide. The software is utilized at both ends of the market, by small consultancies and global engineering consultants, research institutions and is utilized by many highly respected educational institutions worldwide in both civil and geotechnical engineering courses.

DIANA is equipped with very powerful solvers which enables the analysis of a wide range of structures, large and small - with basic or advanced analyses. A large selection of material models, element libraries and analysis procedures are available within the package which gives DIANA a large degree of flexibility. The main fields of use of DIANA include design and analysis of dams & dikes; tunnels & underground structures; oil & gas & historical constructions and large reinforced concrete structures.

Material models available within DIANA

  • Linear, nonlinear and modified elasticity
  • Hyperelasticity
  • Isotropic and orthotropic plasticity
  • Viscoplasticity
  • Smeared crack models
  • Total strain fixed and rotating crack models
  • Young hardening concrete models
  • Fiber reinforced material models
  • Creep and shrinkage
  • Maekawa concrete model
  • Soil specials
  • Liquefaction models
  • Concrete and steel materials according to international design codes
  • Model Code models for concrete and steel
  • User-supplied models
  • Special models for interface elements
  • Ambient and time-dependent mechanical, heat transfer and groundwater flow properties
  • Classic brick model for soil
  • Modified two-surface model for cyclic behavior of steel
  • Menegotto-Pinto, Monti Nut, and Dodd Restreppo plasticity models for reinforcements

Analysis functionality available within DIANA

  • Linear static
  • Fatigue failure
  • Linear transient
  • Frequency response
  • Spectral response
  • Physical and geometrical nonlinear
  • Transient nonlinear
  • Eigenvalue
  • Buckling and post-buckling
  • Steady state and transient heat flow
  • Detailed and regional groundwater flow
  • Steady-state and transient groundwater flow
  • Coupled flow-stress
  • Phased structural and potential flow
  • Hybrid frequency-time domain analysis
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Strength reduction analysis
  • Stiffness adaptation analysis
  • Parameter estimation
  • Lattice

Element types available within DIANA

  • Truss
  • Solid
  • Contact
  • Flow
  • Timoshenko, Bernoulli, and Mindlin beam
  • Plane stress and plane strain
  • Complete plane strain
  • Axisymmetric
  • Plate bending
  • Flat, curved shell and layered shell
  • Composed
  • Interface
  • Discrete spring/dashpot
  • Base spring
  • Bounding (spring/dashpot)
  • Point mass/damping
  • Embedded reinforcements
  • Embedded pile elements
  • Boundary surface elements

Sample Video:

Course Lecturer: Maziar Partovi




Written By:

Maziar Partovi

Advanced Application Engineer and Technical Sales Manager at DIANA FEA BV


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