All you should know about how the coronavirus is impacting AEC industry

All you should know about how the coronavirus is impacting AEC industry

Follow up on the latest news and articles about how the coronavirus is impacting the AEC industry. As the content team at ED808, we try hard to gather all the information about how the AEC industry faces the coronavirus.

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1. Latest information on COVID-19 response

NCEES has been monitoring the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and its potential impact on our programs and services for several weeks. With a pandemic officially declared for COVID-19, NCEES is taking the following actions to help contain and slow the spread of the virus...

2. Autonomous Technology Can Mitigate the Business Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus has exposed the soft underbelly of critical infrastructure and industrial sites worldwide—workforce availability. As more and more companies implement business continuity plans to deal with the outbreak, fewer and fewer employees are able to fully function. When facilities don’t know who can and will show up for work, both planning and operations are seriously impeded. In Western Australia, for example, the coronavirus is potentially affecting some 60,000 fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers at remote mine sites and onshore and offshore oil and gas plants...

3. What Construction Contractors and Owners Should Do, Today, to Prepare for the Possible Effects of Coronavirus on Projects

As novel coronavirus has spread from China to Europe, the United States and around the globe, it has begun to have a debilitating impact on world markets, manufacturing, distribution, supply chains, and the workforce in general. It seems only a matter of time before COVID 19 directly affects U.S. construction projects. What can we, in the U.S. construction industry, do to prepare for its effects and mitigate the potential harm to our people and our projects?  The ultimate solutions may be complex, ...

4. Is Coronavirus the Beginning of the End of Offices?

Over the last three months, coronavirus has spread to more than 100 countries and claimed more than 3,800 lives (as of 8th March 2020). It has also plunged many global industries into a paralysis, from canceled flights and mass quarantines to disruptions in supply chains and financial markets. Setting aside the serious health implications of the outbreak, the coronavirus epidemic has, in an unorthodox way, amplified a debate over the future of work. With millions of people around the world, ...

5. Work From Home Productivity Tips for Engineers

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, many engineering companies across the United States and beyond are implementing travel restrictions and work from home directives.

I have had the opportunity to work from home, on and off, over the last ten years, and as nice as it sounds, one of the biggest challenges with doing it effectively is staying focused and productive.  I’ve accumulated some of my own work from home productivity tips over the years and thought this would be a good time to share them...

6. Contractors should prepare for a coronavirus-triggered recession

“The risk of recession over the next three to six months is arguably more elevated than at any period since 2007,” said economist Anirban Basu, noting that the U.S. economy has been defying predictions in an extended period of growth that's seemed too good to be true for some time.

“I knew this period of fragility would leave us susceptible to a trigger,” he told his audience, “but ...   "

7. 6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction

Experts predict COVID-19 will have long-term ramifications for many aspects of the U.S. construction industry.

Three words stand out to construction attorney Steve Lesser when thinking about how U.S. contractors should react to the negative effects of the global coronavirus pandemic: Wait and see...

8. 10 Coronavirus Questions for Construction Firms

The outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 started in China at the end of last year and has continued to spread globally. So how can construction firms prepare for the potential delays on site and dangers to the workforce? Ian Atkinson and Michelle Essen provide ten coronavirus pointers for construction...

9. How Coronavirus impacts your construction project?

Coronavirus: infectious disease outbreaks and construction projects

Construction projects are likely to be affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak. The nature and scale of any impact cannot be predicted accurately at this point, but labor and supply chain issues are increasingly foreseeable. What happens if it impacts your project? ...

 10. How Will the Coronavirus Impact the Construction Industry?

Just three weeks ago, doctors diagnosed the first case of coronavirus COVID-19 in the US. Since then, the virus has continued to spread. As of this morning, the virus has been confirmed as the cause of death for 31 Americans.

In China, more than 3,100 have died of the illness since the outbreak began late last year...

11. Vector Solutions Coronavirus (COVID-19) Video Course (Video)

Protecting yourself against the coronavirus (COVID-19) starts with getting the right information:

By watching this 9-minute course, you will be able to: Identify how coronavirus spreads, Recognize its symptoms, Explain how to prevent and treat the virus, Determine what to do if you become sick with coronavirus

12. Cancellation of ASCE/SEI Structures Congress 2020

It is with great sadness, that ASCE/SEI is announcing the cancellation of SEI's Structures Congress 2020 in St. Louis. With increasing concerns over the continued spread of COVID-19, our national efforts to contain the spread, and concern for our attendees' health, we have decided to cancel the Structures Congress.

13. ASME: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message

As you may be aware, over the last few days COVID-19 has spread quickly throughout the United States. The Federal government, every State and many local governments have issued guidelines for mandatory restrictions in an effort to contain and/or limit the spread of the virus. In addition, many universities and schools announced they will be taking steps to limit large meetings and gatherings to contain and/or limit the spread of the coronavirus.


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